Laser Scanner

The relief using Laser Scanner 3D technology is a technology that is becoming increasingly established for the detection and protection of architectural and archaeological heritage.

The 3D laser scanner is easily assimilated to a virtual eye that, from the position in which it is located, observes and returns three-dimensionally everything around it. As a final result we obtain a very dense set of points (defined “points cloud “) very close to reality and in everything and for all measurable.

The data processing allows to extract with extreme precision elaborated cad (plants, elevations, sections) fundamental for the activities of analysis and design.

The advantages are:

  • Extreme precision
  • Survey of inaccessible elements
  • Acquisition speed
  • Non-contact relief
  • Reliability of the measures
  • Database of conservation status
  • Analysis and evaluation of static instabilities
  • Monitoring of the artifacts over time
  • Acquisition of data and images during the execution of interventions (ante operam, inter operam and post operam)
  • Urban scale database


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